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Job Requirement



As a professionally recognized company we look forward to employ people that will lead us to become more prosperous and top ranking in the pharmaceutical market.    

Some of the main requirements that we look forward into individuals are:     

  • Confidence: Show us that you know the work that you are applying for and be satisfied with it.

  • Enthusiasm: bring a positive, energetic mind always & willingly to work with interest & professional values.        

  • Positive attitude: always keep success as your main goal.

  • Experience: experience can take you higher as an additional tool for your success.

  • Communication skill: bring a friendly, honest & respectful character at all time.

  • Open minded: always think outside the box and don’t limit your ideas.

  • Quick learner: show interest and willingness to learn new things and ideas.

  • Punctuality: give priority to your job by always being on time.

  • Professionalism: apply your professional knowledge and behavior for the company’s benefit at all time.                                     

Feel free to send your application which includes:

(Application letter, resume, police record, and 2 recommendation letters)

We will look forward into it and give you a feedback if you fill our requirements.

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