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Complete Range of Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Products

SPIEZ Distribution Solutions

At SPIEZ Distribution Solutions our goal is to provide our customers with the latest products at the most competitive pricing. We carry both Brand&Generic Products.We own and operate 300,00 square foot facility in BELIZE,  that is stocked with over 10,000 different brands.


Our Company currently carries over 1600 private label items, Brand Items throughout Belize country, with new items being added every week. The following are just some of the items:

Prescription & Non Prescription medicines:

               Spiez distribute all kind of prescription and non prescription medicines to hospitals, private clinics, Doctors and pharmacies in Belize all over the country.

Over-the-counter medicines:
Antacids, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Throat lozenges, Laxatives, Children’s aspirins, Cough medicines, Allergy medicines, Eye drops, Saline solution

First aid products:
Burn creams, Cleansing pads, Corticream, Braces, Bandages, 

Implements (Scissors, Barber shears, Callous remover, Cuticle scissors, Emery boards, Lash curlers, Tweezers), Nail polish remover, Cosmetic pads

Baby items:
Diapers, Colognes, Baby powder, Baby wipes

Personal Care:
After shave lotion, Douches, Sanitary napkins, Liners, Toothbrushes, Dental floss, Sunblock, Foot insoles, Razor blades, Shampoo, Conditioners, Soaps, Body Wash, Hair gel, Mouthwash, Creams, and Lotions.


At Spiez Distribution Solutions we look to develop long term relationships with our customers by providing them personal service, a broad selection of products, Our Brands all at competitive pricing with Quality.

At Spiez Distribution Solutions we look forward to servicing all of your business needs.

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